Exterior Painting

Comparing bids between painting contractors can be frustrating when you are not comparing apples to apples. Below are the things that we include in all of our exterior painting bids, and what we feel are the important components of a quality paint job.

Beginning of Project

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  • Color rendering of proposed colors and placement

  • Mock ups of color selection before final color approval

  • Full power-washing for the exterior 

  • Treatment of any mold or mildew with bleach

  • Scraping and sanding of all peeling paint, removal of failing caulking or patching

  • Tightening loose screws and re-nailing any emerging nails. Treatment of any rusted nails or screws

  • Masking all windows, doors, and areas not to be painted

  • Spot priming bare wood with appropriate primer

  • Patching cracks or imperfections in surface, texture to match existing

  • Caulking of joints and open seams (not including building expansion joints)

  • If necessary, trenching of building to achieve full coverage

  • If necessary, priming to cover darker colors

  • Spraying exterior paint, backroll as needed

  • Painting of accent or trim color

  • Removal of all masking materials

  • Clean up of jobsite

  • Final inspection by superintendent or foreman

Our tips and tricks:

  • Have your painter break out the cost for powerwashing as a line item for future budget reference

  • Make sure to ask your painter about any sections that may need more extensive repair. Your painter should be able to include these repairs as a separate line item, or refer you to a qualified subcontractor to have the repairs completed prior to painting

Rendering Option 1

Rendering Option 2

Color Mock Up

Completed Project