Interior Painting

Below is a list of what we include in all of our interior painting bids, and what we feel should be included on any quality paint job.

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  • Prep walls to be painted by making necessary repairs including patching and sanding

  • Mask any items not to be painted

  • If equipment (such as a lift) is to be used indoors, prep floors with hard substrate to protect interior floors

  • Spot prime any new repairs and as needed

  • Prime new walls

  • Apply paint in as many coats as necessary to achieve 100% coverage with new color

  • Paint any extras included in bid such as door frames, elevator doors, trim work, etc.

  • Clean up of jobsite including removal of all masking materials and trash

  • Final inspection and quality control

How many coats of paint do I need?

  • The answer is "It depends". Some colors will only require one well-applied coat to achieve maximum coverage. Other colors may require two, or even three coats to achieve the desired result. A lot will depend on the condition of the walls, the current color, and the new paint color. Some painters will bid a specific number of coats (and charge extra for additional coats if necessary), others will not list a number at all and simply paint until the result is right. Make sure that you understand how your painter treats this issue to avoid potential change orders or misunderstanding down the road.